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Perennial Vegetables Collection: Some vegetable crops are permanent, and in the times before long-distance transport and supermarkets they were the main source of early spring vegetables in many places. These heirloom crops are gaining attention once again among those interested in local self-sufficiency, folks who haven't the time or strength for annual crops, and curious gardeners looking for something new. Perennials do take longer to germinate and need good care in the seedling stages: starting them in pots is ideal, and doesn't take much space. This collection includes an information sheet, and one packet each of the following: Asparagus, Perpetual Spinach, Rhubarb, Artichoke, Welsh Onion, Sorrel, Good King Henry, Lovage. Best for gardeners in zones 6 and above, or with winter protection in colder areas. we substituted lovae for seakale which we cannot get at present. 8 pkts. BOOK: Perennial Vegetables DESC: Perennial food crops can form the “bones” of the garden, to be filled in with annuals as needed. The first part of this book is filled with information about growing perennial vegetables; how to prepare the site, choose which types will work best in your location, plan the best design and propagate the plants. The second part is a listing, organized by plant family, of around 100 different perennial food crops, some familiar and some very exotic, with complete growing information: general overview, history and ecology, description, preferred climate, pest problems, how to grow, harvest and store, and uses. This is a great resource for anyone interested in sustainable gardening or permaculture.

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