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Good Companions Seed ... LGO-6713


Rather than use sprays that kill helpful insects along with pests,  we find it works better to attract and encourage the insects that eat pests. Most predator insects need nectar and pollen to complete their life cycle. Often, the adult insect lives on nectar, and the young eat other bugs. So, to have lots of predators, you want to have lots of nectar-bearing flowers. This collection has some of the most effective and easiest to grow. 6 pkts. NAME: Good Bug, Bad Bug SUBTITLE: Who's Who, What They Do, and How to Manage Them Organically Great pictures and easily understood information about each pest, including what their damage looks like, what plants they attack, how to prevent attacks, and how to control attacks organically. It has an equally awesome section for beneficial insects, with pictures, detailed information, and tips on how to attract them and keep them in your garden. Spiral bound to lie flat for easy reading. Laminated, water resistant paper in field book size.

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