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Good Companions Colle... LGC-6712



A beautiful way to fight pests--

grow nectar plants for helpful insect predators.

Tested in our gardens-it works for us! These are companion plants that make a big difference in the garden, attracting the full range of pest-eating beneficials. Most predator insects need nectar and pollen to complete their life cycle. This collection gives your garden  defenses, so that when aphids and other pests arrive, the right predators and conditions will be there to control them, and the pollinators will make sure your harvest is abundant. Good for attracting butterflies, too!
PACKETS INCLUDED (MAY HAVE SUBSTITUTES): Alyssum, Tiger Coreopsis, Ammi visnaga, Sparky Marigold, Bachelor's Button, Pacific Beauty Calendula

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Great Idea!
on 10/05/14 by Mary Schleicher in WA

Instead of trying one method after another Bountiful Gardens has done the work for you. In their Good Companions Collection there are six types of seeds that beautify and protect your garden. I love the idea of feeling free to let my Grandchildren eat string beans off the vine with no chemicals.