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Four Fresh Sisters Se... LFF-6694



We’ve freshened up the

traditional Three Sisters—corn, beans, squash

These are varieties for fresh eating instead of dry storage.

And, we’ve added a traditional native American

fourth sister--the sunflower, for pollinators, edible seeds, and pure joy.

Many Native American gardeners planted corn, beans, and squash together in such a way that the plants made a little ecosystem, supporting one another and creating the proper conditions for one another growth. The elusive fourth sister serves the function to attract beneficial insects and pollinators and to distract birds from eating the sweet corn, as well as bringing the bright beauty of the flowers. PACKETS INCLUDED: MAY CONTAIN SUBSTITUES
Crookneck Summer Squash, Rattlesnake Pole Green Beans, Anasazi Sweet Corn, and Mammoth Sunflowers ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bee Friendly

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