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Includes DVD "GROW BIOINTENSIVE: A Beginner's Guide in 8 Easy Sessions" and ten packets of seeds for most of the crops specifically discussed in the DVD; Rye, Favas, Vetch, Triticale, Barley, Alfalfa, Daikon, Filberts, Celery and Parsley. A wonderful way to get started feeding yourself and the soil at the same time! Makes a great gift.

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A Wonderful Companion to the Book  
on 07/23/13 by Caroline in FL

I just finished watching Grow Biointensive, a Beginners Guide for the first time of what is sure to be many viewings. It’s the perfect companion to the book, especially if you’re a visual learner. They review what John Jeavons covers in his book, Grow Biointensive, but with more detail than I was able to pull out of reading the book alone. I’m going to go back and read the book again as I think many areas will make more sense after watching the video. The video covers 1 Garden Beds & Soil 2 Grow Seedlings in Flats 3 Transplanting Seedlings 4 Composting 5 Harvesting 6 Saving Seeds 7 Choosing Crops 8 Garden Maintenance As I’d already read the book, I have a basic grasp on all of the topics, but like I said earlier, having a visual is a great bonus. I now know why I need to transplant the seedlings instead of just planting a few seeds in a flat. I know how to easily turn a compost pile and it doesn’t have to be done weekly like some “experts” say!. I’ve never seen grains harvested by hand before, and it doesn’t look to awful hard. I need to save seeds from five plants to maintain genetic diversity – okay – one mistake I won’t make again this season. And on and on. This video is definitely worth your time and money.