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LBD-6774 Biodynamic Collection with Grasp the Nettle Book

Biodynamic Collection - A basic part of the Biodynamic method is the use of herbal preparations to boost compost, catalyze growth, and potentiate soil nutrients. With this collection, you can grow the 5 preparations that can be grown from seed. Contains nettle, valerian, yarrow, dandelion, and chamomile. 5 pkts

Grasp The Nettle:Making Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Work

Peter Proctor, rev. ed. 2004, 192 pp.

We have been looking for years for an easily understood but practical book on biodynamic gardening. Rudolf Steiner’s lectures are fascinating but a bit theoretical. Subsequent books have been hard to read or pretty esoteric in describing the preparations. We finally had to go to New Zealand to find this book. Peter Proctor has over 60 years experience as a biodynamic farmer, but goes way beyond that. He draws from the experience of biodynamic farmers all over the world. Very clear writing.


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