Hsp 8365spilanthes
Germination Days : 10-15
Planting Depth : 1/8
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 30
Spacing : 6
When To Plant : Spring
13 PKTs Available
Spilanthes, Toothache... HSP-8365



Easy to grow, immune-enhancing tonic, dentifrice, anesthetic.

Chewing on a leaf or bud causes a tingling in the mouth, used in small amounts to give interest to salads and cold drinks, and in larger quantities to kill pain.

Used against infection-bacterial, or fungal (candida).

Used for centuries for toothache relief. Low-spreading plants bear yellow button flowers with bright red centers.

Nice for edging herb and vegetable beds or in a pot. Fast-growing.

BOTANICAL NAME: Spilanthes acmella


A tropical perennial grown as an annual in most of the US. Prefers a sunny spot with good rich soil and plenty of water. Start seeds in flats in warm conditions and transplant 8-12 weeks later. A spreading plant that can get 2 feet tall and spread to 3 feet if conditions are right (tropical) but will stay smaller in most temperate climates. Hand-cleaned seed has some chaff remaining-seeds are gray and oval.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Tender Perennial/Height 12-18"/Spacing 6"


Photo by Phyzome-Wikipedia-Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Generic license

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Great, and it rly does numb.
on 05/16/17 by Stephen D Mitchell in Decatur il

Seeds grew great about 2 yrs ago. Lost them in the move( I actually think someone took it because it is such a cool plant. 😎 anyways seeds did great and I ended up selling multiple harvests regularly to a local Thai restaurant, to use with super hot and spicy dishes 🌶 the numbing effect helps hot hot hot peppers from hurting ya. ☸️ One love.

Beautiful, vigorous plant
on 01/17/17 by Calvin Wilkins in Western Oregon

I've grown this plant for many years to make a mouthwash that has been very effective for preventing gingivitis. The plant is really fun to grow. It needs heat, though; much like tomatoes. And in my area, it is considered a delicacy by slugs. I've grown it both outside and also inside a greenhouse. I found keeping it in the greenhouse to be an easier setup for managing the slugs, but otherwise, it grew fine in both locations in my cool, very short-season coastal mountain Oregon location. I've found that three or so plants can make enough mouthwash for three people for a year. The flowers are small ball-type, but the plant is actually quite showy.