Germination Days : 5-10
Planting Depth : 1/8
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 20
Spacing : 8
When To Plant : Fall
6 PKTs Available
Rhodiola, roseroot HRH-8328



Rhodiola is one of the herbs

that has been getting international attention lately for its adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogens do not address any specific single problem, but instead strengthen the entire systems and enable the body to withstand stresses of all kinds.

In addition, this one has a reputation for giving a sense of well-being, energy, and focus. The roots, which are the most active part, smell like roses, making this a very pleasant herb to take daily for increasing stamina, immune response, and general well-being.

Native to the Himalayas; various rhodiola species grow in northern latitudes worldwide. Challenging to grow in warm, low-elevation conditions, but can make itself at home in well-drained containers and in rock gardens.

BOTANICAL NAME: Rhodiola rosea


Needs at least 6 weeks in cold and damp soil coir, or potting mix-in fridge or outdoors. Press seeds into surface and keep moist. Snow on them is good, will sprout as soil warms in spring. Transplant in fall of 1st year or spring of 2nd to rocky spot with half sun and cool temperatures. Needs very good drainage and protection from heat. Sandy-gravelly medium with water often is good, so is planting on a small mound to protect from rot. Dig roots in 3rd year, replant small pieces, use the rest.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Perennial/Zone 3-9/Height 1'/Spacing 8-12"



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