Hja 8190jamaica
Germination Days : 14-21
Planting Depth : Barely cover
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 10
Spacing : 18-24
When To Plant : Early spring
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Jamaica, Hibiscus tea... HJA-8190



This tropical perennial is grown as an annual in the north.

At the base of the big flowers are fruit-like calyces used to make a fruity "zinger" red tea with a sweet-tart flavor.

Served cold throughout Mexico and the Carribean.

A cheap and low-calorie substitute for fruit juice that is satisfying and healthy. The flowers, fruits, and leaves are also edible.
Start early indoors and move outdoors after weather is warm.

BOTANICAL NAME: Hibiscus sabdariffa


Requires scarification: grasp each seed and scrape across a piece of fine sandpaper 2-3 times. You may soak them in warm water in a warm place overnight or plant in very moist soil after scarification. Either way, warmth is critical for germination. Start indoors early in the year, like tomatoes, and plant out under a cloche or plastic tent if you live in an area with cold spring weather. Pick fleshy flower base for use in tea and jelly. Leaves may also be used for tea.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Perennial/Zones 9-10/Height 4-5'/Spacing 18-24"


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