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Hops HHO-8169



Great For Summer Shade

Humulus lupulus

P/Zones 3-8/Ht 25'/Spacing 12"

We have had requests from brewers, herbalists and from gardeners who want a fast-growing vine to provide summer shade. 

Used as a sedative tea or to fill a "dream pillow". Effective sedative/sleep-aid.

 Most of the hops in the marketplace are clones of female plants that have been selected for specific flavor profiles.  These are seeds for the wild plant. Seedlings will be a mix of males and females, with their own flavor and strength. You will need to wait until the plant starts to flower to see if it is male or female. Then, eliminate the males, unless you want to make seeds.You can multiply your favorite females by cuttings, if desired. 

It is the female cones that are the part used, and they will be bigger and more potent if they do not get pollinated.  If you look at the attached drawing, the female flowers are in the center, male flowers are at top left, and young female flowers are at top right. Note that the male flowers are in a branched inflorescence, while the females come directly off the flower stalk. Also, if you let the female flowers mature, they will open and shed pollen, which is proof positive. If they are allowed to get to this point, the pollen will spread in the wind and pollinate other females in the neighborhood. If you have home brewers or others who are planning on using the cones in your area, be careful not to let the pollen mature and spread.


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