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Days To Maturity : 40-70
Germination Days : 2-15
Planting Depth : Barely
Seed Code : N
Seeds Per Packet : 80
Spacing : 18-24
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Fall
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Wild Fennel HFE-8151



Easy-to-grow source

of fennel leaf and seed for salad mixes, pasta sauces, meat and fish dishes, and herbal teas.

Secret ingredient of the best pasta sauces. Soothes the digestion, and dispels flatulence.

Gentle enough for kids, but very effective. Wonderful in tea with mints and chamomile.
Beautiful in the garden, and a great attractor of butterflies and pest-eating insects.
Can be planted anytime from early spring to early fall.

BOTANICAL NAME: Foeniculum communisGROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Biennial, Tender Perennial/Zones 6-10/Height 4'/Spacing 18-24"


Direct-sow or use pots and transplant carefully (and soon, before the taproot hits bottom). May be planted at any time in the growing season for fresh herb. Plant in spring to mature for seeds. Requires very little water and no special soil. A light-dependent germinator, so barely cover the seed. Attracts beneficial insects in addition to its use as flavoring and medicine. CAUTION: Harvest seeds promptly, as fallen seeds can stunt other plants and become invasive. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Bee Friendly

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