Germination Days : 21-25
Planting Depth : 1/8
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 200
Spacing : 8
When To Plant : Early spring
46 PKTs Available
Dill, Organic HDI-8090



This herb is often succession-sown

in vegetable gardens-good companion to cabbages, and a major attractor of beneficial insects and butterflies.

Chopped leaves good in cheese spreads, dips, fish, salads; seeds used in pickles.

The name means "to soothe" and the seeds have long been used for colic and upset stomach, as well as relaxing and bringing on sleep. BOTANICAL NAME: Anethum graveolens


Sow seed 8" apart directly into the garden after frost is past, as it transplants poorly. Plant in full sun to partial shade and in a well prepared soil. Do not cover deeply; needs light to germinate. Keep well watered and protected while growing. Dill reseeds easily. Do not plant near carrots. This is an annual that grows to a height of 30".GROW BIOINTENSIVEĀ® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Annual/Height 30"/Spacing 8"
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Bee Friendly Photo by Leo_Michels-GNU Free Documentation - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License
Hdi 8090 2dillphoto+by+leo+michels Hdi 8090a dillphoto+by+leo+michels

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