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Astragalus, Huang-qi HAS-7915



King of the tonic herbs

renowned for building the immune system.

Now used as a daily supplement to prevent Lyme disease.  Powder the roots in a coffee grinder for a supplement, or simmer in soup as a medicinal food.
Taprooted legume that is much easier to grow than many Chinese herbs. Prefers full sun, average soil, good drainage. Scarify seed by rubbing lightly between sheets of fine sandpaper one second or less. Plant in early spring—germinates best in cool soil. Three-year-old roots used in soups as a medicinal food. One packet will plant 12 sq ft when using 12" spacing in the bed. (Select Cultural Info/Seed Codes in red top bar for more details about codes below) EA CULTURE: P zones 5-10/Spacing 12" SEEDS PER PACKET: 20 SOURCE CODE: C APPROX GERM DAYS: 10-14 PLANTING DEPTH: 1/8" WHEN TO PLANT: spring PACKET LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Astagalus membranaceus. Prefers full sun, average soil, good drainage or even dryish soil. Best to scarify before sowing (nick each seed carefully with a sharp blade or rub the seeds gently with sandpaper to make the coat more penetrable by water). Germinates best in cool soil; can be direct seeded or started in flats; does not like to be too wet.

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