Has 7910 ashwagandha
Days To Maturity : 90
Germination Days : 14-28
Planting Depth : 1/4-1/2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 25
Spacing : 16-24
When To Plant : Late spring
4 PKTs Available
Ashwagandha, Organic HAS-7910



Withania, "Indian Ginseng" 

Rejuvenating herb and traditional aphrodisiac.

Tender perennial grown as an annual, like a tomato.  Ashwagandha is used like ginseng, but it is easier and faster to grow. 

Powdered roots are taken to improve vitality, enhance sexuality, promote restful sleep, and aid recovery after illness.
Likes same growing conditions as peppers-heat, good drainage. Needs light to germinate-press into damp, firm seed flat 7 barely cover.
Roots are in dug in fall, dried, and used for strengthening, anti-inflammatory, anemia, sleep.
BOTANICAL NAME: Withania somnifera


Grows like tomatoes or peppers. Start seed in flats or pots, sowing on the surface and tamping in just deep enough to stay moist-needs light to germinate. Transplant seedlings 18-24" apart into sunny, warm area. Light, well-drained soil is best. Amend soil with ample amount of compost-doesn't need that much N. Set transplants deeper than in the flat. Water deeply and do not allow to dry out entirely. Harvest roots in fall, just before frost.
GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Tender perennial/ Height 2-5'/Spacing 16-24"
Has 7910 ashwagondharoot

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