Days To Maturity : 119
Germination Days : 5-14
Planting Depth : 1-1.5
Seed Code : GB
Seeds Per Packet : 100
Spacing : 5
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Mild winter
12 PKTs Available
Winter Akusti Rye GRY-7410



Thick stands of hardy grain with many tillers (stalks). 

Shorter than our regular cereal rye, so it is better for windy or wet areas (to six feet). 

Plant 1 month before frost. Easy to grow and thresh. Overwinters to zone 4.
BOTANICAL NAME : Secale cereal


Grows 6 feet tall. Sow in coolweather; not suited to warm winter areas, does not tolerate heat. From Finland, extremely cold tolerant, down to -50F. If growing as a grain, plant 5" apart & let mature over a 4-6 month period. Harvest when heads are dry and golden. Its grains are nutritious andits stalks good for the compost pile's all important carbon.
GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFO: C/Matures 17 (overwintered)/Harvest 0-4/Yield grain 4-24, dry biomass 12-72/Spacing 5"

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