Days To Maturity : 119
Germination Days : 5-14
Planting Depth : 1-1.5
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 1200
Spacing : 5
Square Foot Coverage : 100
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Mild winter
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Overwintering Cereal ... GRY-7400




Excellent producer of compost material and grain.

Outstanding weed-suppressing cover crop.

Very tall (to 8')-put stakes and string around the bed for support. Easy to grow, takes difficult conditions. BOTANICAL NAME : Secale cereal


Sow in cool weather; stands heat fairly well. Dug under when 9" tall if used as green manure. Does well in most soils not too acidic/alkaline. If growing asa grain plant seed 5" apart and let mature over a 4-6 month period. Harvest when heads are dry and golden. Its grains are nutritious and its stalks good for the compost pile's all important carbon. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFO: C/Matures 17 (overwintered)/Harvest 0-4/Yield grain 4-24, dry biomass 12-72/Spacing 5" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

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