Days To Maturity : 120
Height : 20" to 24"
Seed Code : N
Seeds Per Packet : 100
Spacing : 9"
When To Plant : Spring
35 PKTs Available
Duborskian Upland Rice GRI-7382



Non-paddy Rice

120 days from transplant. A Russian variety, hardy and well-adapted to dry-land production. Sturdy plants resist lodging, grow to 20"-24" producing 12-18 tillers per plant, each bearing a rice pannicle. Start indoors in 70 to 85 degree temperature three weeks before setting out into warm soil (early June in Maine). Needs rich soil and 1" of water a week, just like corn. Space transplants 9" apart, and cultivate well as needed. Harvest when grain is hard. For more growing, threshing and hulling advice, see our website.

Botanical Name: Oryza Sativa

Source Code:  N

When To Plant:

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