White 6to1
9 PKTs Available
Zinnia, Dwarf Mix FZI-8920


SECTION: Flowers, Zinnia, Zinnia elegans 2' tall, with 2-3" double flowers in a range of colors, small plants easy to place in the garden. One packet will plant 15 sq ft when using 8" spacing in the bed. (Select Cultural Info/Seed Codes in red top bar for more details about codes below) EA CULTURE: B/Spacing 8" DAYS TO MAT: 75-90 SOURCE CODE: C PACKET LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Start seed in flats, seeds sprout easily from warm soil. Transplant about 12" apart into an area with full sun. Zinnias can take poor soil but do best in a good soil. Keep flowers picked off to encourage hardiness and prolong flowering. Seed can also be planted right in the garden after the last frost is past. Photos: These are approximate pics of what we sell WINTERTHUR GARDEN BLOG_What's Flowering in the Children's Garden, gardenblog.winterthur.org Satori, Organic, Sexy Gardening Blog-satoriinthegarden.blogspot.com

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