Fsp 8650 super lowapplewood
Days To Maturity : 45-100
Germination Days : 14-21
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : C
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Spring
12 PKTs Available
Super Low-Growing Wil... FSP-8650



A mix created especially for urban or suburban settings.

All plants are only 6-8" tall.

When mature, the plants form a dense, low-growing ground cover.

Not suitable for high traffic or play areas. Annual fall mowing or trimming is suggested. A mix of 22 annual and perennial wildflowers and herbs which exhibit a wide range of colors and blooming periods. A beautiful lawn substitute.


Plant in early spring if ample rainfall is expected or late fall for spring germination. Plant in summer if watered regularly. Remove all grass & weeds from soil-loosen at least 3" deep in arid climates or 8" in moist climates. Broadcast seed, rake in lightly. Planted areas must be kept moist for 4-6 weeks or until well established. Water regularly in arid climates. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Bee Friendly

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