Lunaria biennis
Height : 24" to 36"
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 50
Spacing : 12" to 24"
When To Plant : Early spring/ late summer
4 PKTs Available
Honesty, Moneyplant FMO-8792



Early Spring Flowers

Classic bright lavender early spring flowers. The heart-shaped leaves are edible, and so are the flowers, which arein large clusters. Most famous for the unique silvery seed bods, which look like silver dollars or glass discs and are my favorite for dry "everlasting" arrangements. The Latin name refers to the seed pods, which look like moons. Loves cool weather and blooms with the daffodils. Said to bring good fortune to the house where it blooms.

Botanical Name: Lunaria biennis

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When To Plant: Early Spring or Late Summer if your want first year flowers

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