Ffo 8413marvelofperu
Germination Days : 7-10
Planting Depth : 1/2
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 20
Spacing : 24
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Summer
10 PKTs Available
Four O'Clocks Marvel ... FFO-8713



Fast and easy from seed.

Plant these next to a porch or patio where you can enjoy the hundreds of flowers that open each evening at 4.

All different colors, and some stripes.

In zone 7 and above it returns each year; elsewhere it is an easy annual. If you wonder what to plant where your spring bulbs leave a bare spot in summer, this is it.
Great annual hedge next to a sidewalk or path.

BOTANICAL NAME: Mirabilis jalapa


For best results, soak the seed 8 hours in warm water before planting. (Don't forget and leave it more than a day or it may rot.) Start seeds in flats or pots indoors a month before last frost. Seeds sprout easily in warm soil. Seed can also be planted right in the garden after the last frost is past. Transplant about 12" apart into an area with full sun. Does best with some attention to fertility and water, but is very drought-resistant once established.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Tender Perennial/Zones 7-10/Height 3'/Spacing 24"


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perfume smell, heirloom flowe
on 04/26/14 by Richard in CA

This is easy to grow. It smells great. It reseeds it self for next year too!