Days To Maturity : 80
Height : 12" to 24"
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 50
Spacing : 16"
5 PKTs Available
Superb Mix Dianthus FDI-8709



Strong Fragrance

80 days. Flowers like multicolored snowflakes, with intricate lacy edging and a strong jasmine perfume. Vibrant colors of deep red, white, magenta, purple and rose. Strong stems lend well to cutting. Prolific and even frost hardy, these dianthus grow knee high and spread 16" wide. Plant near your walkways in full sun, and enjoy the sweet fragrance as you brush past. Butterflies and hummers love them too.

Botanical Name: Dianthus Superbus

Source Code: 

When To Plant:
Early Spring

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