Fco 8690cornflower
Germination Days : 21-28
Planting Depth : Shallow
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 80
Spacing : 12
When To Plant : Early spring
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Summer
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Double Blue Cornflower FCO-8690



Double Blue Cornflower, Bachelor's Buttons.

A bed of bachelor's buttons and poppies is like a living Impressionist painting.

Truest blue of all, on strong upright plants.

Quick and easy edible flower at home among vegetables or in problem areas of the yard. Tall stems great for cutting, and don't cast much shade, so they can be scattered among other plants. For continuous bloom, succession-sow like lettuce (starting early spring) and keep picking the flowers.
Great cake decoration, garnish, salad ingredient, or scatter the petals like confetti on food. Pair with nasturtium, CA Poppy or Calendula for a great spring display.
BOTANICAL NAME: Centaurea cyanus


Start seed in flats or pots. Transplant on 8" apart to an area with full sun/partial shade and regular garden soil. Or scatter seed on well-prepared soil and cover lightly with sand, soil, or potting mix. Cornflower grows quickly and easily from spring and fall sowings. It prefers cool weather, but will take heat if given adequate moisture. For continuous bloom, sow every two weeks till mid-spring. Hardy annual to 30". Picking flowers will result in more blooms. Petals are edible.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Bee Friendly, Edible Flower

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