Coreopsis tinctoria
Germination Days : 10-20
Planting Depth : Do not cover
Seed Code : N
Seeds Per Packet : 80
Spacing : 12-24
When To Plant : Early spring
83 PKTs Available
Tiger Coreopsis FCO-8685



Dyer's Coreopsis.

This prairie plant is perfect for growing among other plants like vegetables-doesn't cast any shade,

needs no staking or special treatment, moves gracefully in wind without breaking or falling over, and attracts legions of bees, butterflies, and red flowers.

There are hundreds of flowers, each an inch or more across. Very easy from seed, and often self-sows year after year.
I can no longer imagine growing vegetables without this plant mixed in.

BOTANICAL NAME: Coreopsis tinctoria


Start seed in flats and transplant 10" apart in an area with sun. Or direct-sow around your last frost date. Cutting flowers will prolong bloom. After the first flush of bloom has gone to seed, shear the plant back to 1' from the ground and you will get a second flush of bloom, especially if you give it a bit of compost and water it in. Often self-sows, and is an easy seed to select and save. Good scattered around the garden-casts no shade and attracts beneficials.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Annual/Height 18-36"/Spacing 12-24"


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