Cbi 6950trefoil
Days To Maturity : 60+
Germination Days : 14-28
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : C
Spacing : 24-36
Spacing : Broadcast
When To Plant : Summer
When To Plant : Spring
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Birdsfoot Trefoil, on... CBI-6951

Low-growing (mat-forming)

perennial legume that is extremely tough and drought-resistant.

Excellent fodder, holds and covers soils. Bright yellow-and-red, very showy flowers. Good choice for an area that will get little care, needs to be kept low, or for arid pasture.

Does well on slopes, walls, orchards, or as a lawn substitute. Builds fertility with no care.

BOTANICAL NAME: Lotus corniculatus


Most reliable in spring to autumn sowings in warm soil. Drought tolerant once established, but needs moisture at first. Easier to sow if you mix this packet with one quart or more of soil and broadcast carefully onto 800 square feet raking in lightly. Can also be sown in flats and transplanted in late spring. Fast growing-may be mown to keep height even or to keep blooming. Tolerates poor drainage. Can be grazed 90-120 days after planting. Coated with OMRI-approved organic inoculant.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE┬« CULTURAL INFO:  C, W/Matures 24-52/Harvest 8/Yield 165/Spacing 24-36" or broadcast

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bee Friendly, Perennial, Fodder Crop

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