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NAME: Desert or Paradise: Restoring Endangered Landscapes Using Water Management, Including Lake & Pond Construction

AUTHOR: Sepp Holzer

DATE/ED: 2013

TIME: 224 pp

SEC: Permaculture & Self-Sufficiency

DESC: Sepp's integrated permaculture for homesteads uses the natural things around you in new but easy ways to turn unproductive land into paradise fairly quickly. Sepp Holzer is known around the world for bringing deserted landscapes back to life using his unique methods of creating water-retention basins. In Desert or Paradise, Holzer applies his core philosophy for increasing food production, earth health, reconnecting mankind with nature, and reforestation and water conservation across the world. He urges us to look beyond failed "solutions" to drought by learning from his lengthy catalog of successes in arid, rainfall-dependent regions such as Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.

In his new book, Holzer offers examples from countries like Russia and Portugal to demonstrate the breadth of landscapes that can be healed with a greater emphasis on natural water management. He covers an immense range of topics, including using pigs to restore forest-fire areas, constructing ponds with proper shallow zones, restoring hydrological balance in the world, and abolishing industrial livestock farming. Despite the wide range of topics he covers, Holzer creates a cohesive, well-argued, and persuasive handbook that aims to help people "restore paradise."

For Holzer, restoring the earth's balance isn't about economic development and squeezing a few more seasons out of an exhausted stretch of land. It's about a long-term and beneficial view of the world as a resource. He encourages farmers to become rebels, gardeners to become advocates, and everyone to become more self-reliant and community-minded. He is conducting permaculture ("Holzer Permaculture") seminars at his farm and worldwide, while continuing to work on his alpine farm. His farm now spans over 45 hectares of forest gardens, including 70 ponds, and is said to be the most consistent example of permaculture worldwide.

"Let me start this review by describing what this book is not. This is not a book that describes how to build a pond. This isn't a book that describes how to grow lemons in the Alps. The book gives Sepp's principles for restoring land. First, he describes how the land becomes degraded. Secondly, he explains that water is the key to the fix. Thirdly, he describes ways to use the water to effect change. There are diagrams and real world examples. Sepp also gives instructions for building equipment he uses, such as the monk, ring waterer, etc. Example plans for a farm are given"….

"Sepp is able to take a degraded landscape, where nothing grows and through building water retention areas like ponds and lakes, brings the area back to life. It is a very advanced form of permaculture that he practices, and it is based on his profound understanding of nature and natural systems all based on his own vast experience. Very practical yet insightful information. He has a true passion for permaculture and this truly shows in this book. His enthusiasm is contagious. This is a great book with a lot of really valuable information. We are building a permaculture farm and this will be the guidelines that we use." - Richard Scarlet

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