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Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist: How to Have Your Yard and Eat It Too
Michael Judd, 2013, 140 pp.

This is a fun read. Michael incites you to explore Permaculture in your own yard with inexpensive tools and methods. He demonstrates an inexpensive plan for home Permaculture, but as the title hints, with a twist. This book is a string of writing gems, each an essential element in establishing a home Permaculture. Rather than creating a huge book covering all of Permaculture (impossible anyway), he creates stepping stones on the way to home Permaculture: Herb spirals, food forests, uncommon fruits, rainwater harvesting, fungi, creating hugekultur, and earthen ovens. All along the way he encourages you to explore and experiment but gives you enough to get started.

Michael begins with a fun (and visually striking) project, making a permanent raised bed from rocks for herbs (Yes you can actually do this quite easily with Michael's help). The other side is hugekultur, another striking but eminently useful gardening concept. In between are food forests, suggestions as to some fruits to start with, managing water resources, and the many roles fungi play in the health of your edible landscaping.

Each section of this book is a brilliant chapter in itself, well illustrated with good pics and infectious humor. If you are looking for a good start in any of two of these topics, that alone is worth the price.

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