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NAME: Edible Perennial Gardening: Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces AUTHOR: Anni Kelsey DATE/ED: 2014 TIME: 166 pp SEC: Permaculture & Self-Sufficiency DESC: Do you dream of a low-maintenance perennial garden that is full to the brim of perennial vegetables that you don't have to keep replanting, but have only a small space? Do you want a garden that doesn't take much of your time and that needs little attention to control the pests and diseases that eat your crops? Do you want to grow unusual vegetable varieties? You can have all of this withEdible Perennial Gardening. Anni Kelsey has meticulously researched the little-known subject of edible perennials and selected her favorite, tasty varieties. She explains how to source and propagate different vegetables, which plants work well together in polycultures, and what you can plant in small, shady, or semi shady beds, as well as in sunny areas. It includes: o Getting started and basic principles
o Permaculture, forest gardening, and natural farming
o Growing in polycultures
o How to chose suitable leafy greens, alliums, roots, tubers, and herbs
o Site selection and preparation
o Building fertility
o Low-maintenance management strategies
If you long for a forest garden but simply don't have the space for tree crops, or want to grow a low-maintenance edible polyculture, this book will explain everything you need to know to get started on a new gardening adventure that will provide you with beauty and food for your household and save you money. What the Experts Say About This Book: "Anni Kelsey has a knowledge of perennial vegetables second to none. Now all that knowledge has overflowed from her garden into this rich and rewarding book. Perennial vegetables are one field of gardening that is still relatively unknown and Anni makes a significant impact on the body of knowledge we have about them. Follow her into her garden - abundance awaits you!" -- Patrick Whitefield, permaculture teacher, designer and author of How To Make A Forest Garden and The Earth Care Manual "I love Anni's book. She's taken traditionally 'big space' ideas and approaches and brought them alive on a domestic scale, where most gardeners operate. The bigger picture of redesigning our food system with perennials at its heart underlies, yet it never gets in the way of inspiring and enabling the reader with case studies, examples, advice, and experience. A must-have for forward-thinking gardeners." -- Mark Diacono, experimental gardener, journalist and author of A Year at Otter Farm "The best books on food growing are those written with a 'warts and all', practical perspective. Edible Perennial Gardening is an important book to help us to understand this vital topic. This wonderful guide is a bible." -- Michael Kelly, journalist, broadcaster, author and founder of GIY (Grow it Yourself) Reader's Comments: "This is a wonderful book which uses big forest garden and permaculture gardening ideas and incorporates them into ideas for any sort of garden. Some of the vegetables are even grown in pots and can be grown in very small areas. I love the way you can garden with nature and encourage insects too. Anni Kelsy has done all the hard work for us - all the research, testing out different plants and the way they like to grow. I think that those who don't have traditional vegetable patches or raised beds will be delighted to find they can grow vegetables amongst their flowers and other plants. Beans entwined up a tree - just brilliant! I am amazed at how gardening in this way gives you such a beautiful garden and at the same time such a productive one. The look of the book is also lovely with clear and beautiful illustrations." - Amazon Customer "An easy read with beautiful pictures and illustrations. It's nice to glean years of experience in one book, then try to learn from another's trial and error in your own garden!".... "A brilliant book, she mentions failures as well as successes, gives helpful suggestions for planting groups and has encouraged me to start planting perennials immediately. I loved it". PRICE: $22.95 WEIGHT: 1.09 lb

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