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Small Green Roofs BTR-1655


Edmund C. Snodgrass, Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little, 2011, 256 pp In this inspiring compendium, four green roof pioneers - and the adventurous homeowners whose stories they gather - issue a rousing call to green up our neighborhoods. Garages, bicycle shelters, car ports, porches, barns, and home extensions are perfect locations for green roofs, and even a small green roof will soak up excess rainfall, provide insulation, attract wildlife, and maybe even imporve an ugly view. How much will it cost? Less than you would think. Can I install it myself? Probably if you have good carpentry skills Where can I plant it? Well answered in the book Will it leak? Case histories describe how to avoid leaks. What plants do I use? The book gives a good starting list.

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