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Natural Beekeeping 2n... BSE-1851


Ross Conrad, 2012 rev. ed., 304 pp. SECTION: Self Sufficiency, “Organic approaches to modern apiculture” is the subtitle of this book. Second edition available March 2013 Anyone interested in keeping bees should read this book. With our precious bees in trouble right now, we experiencing a revolution of backyard beekeepers saving the honey bee. Backyard honey is an outstanding food and medicinal. Includes a complete discussion of all the pests and diseases that affect bees and natural ways to work with them. New sections on a wide range of subjects, including: The basics of bee biology and anatomy; Urban beekeeping; Identifying and working with queens; Parasitic mite control; and Hive diseases. Also a completely new chapter on marketing provides valuable advice for anyone who intends to sell hive products. APPROX WEIGHT: 1.5 lbs.

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