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Janisse Ray, 2012, 217 pp, $17.95 The effort to save our heritage of food varieties, a wealth we can ill-afford to lose, has been going on for 40 years as Janice documents. We have made great progress in saving our national treasures, but so much more needs to be done! This book is a "call to arms" for every gardener to save and maintain heirloom seeds, but it also is a complete handbook on how to do it, and why. Janisse is an excellent writer and makes a complex subject a very pleasant read. She does this by going to an expert in a topic (sometimes herself), interviewing them, and extracting a very clear and engaging presentation. For example, for how to hand pollinate a plant she goes to David Cavagnaro, who for 8 years curated the seed collections at the Seed Savers Exchange. What you get is the simplest and most practical ways to pollinate plants. APPROX WEIGHT: .8 lbs.

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