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NAME: Farming with Native Beneficial Insects AUTHOR: The Xerces Society DATE/ED: 2012 TIME: 272 pp SEC: Pollinators DESC: An easy read, well laid-out, and great photos. Mostly about insect predators and how they protect your garden and keep it in balance. A major focus on habitat restoration. Each insect well described. Specific suggestions for backyard gardens. Give the bugs - your free working partners - space to survive and thrive by making your land a welcoming place for native beneficial insects. Your first step is learning to identify these important farm heroes: close-up photography and in-depth profiles familiarize you with more than 20 beneficial insects and their kin. Mantids, stink bugs, beetles, flies, wasps, and many others prey upon crop pests, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical pesticides. This comprehensive guide shows you how to create a farm or garden habitat that will attract beneficial insects and thereby reduce crop damage from pests without the use of pesticides. After assessing your land, current practices, and goals, you'll find detailed instructions for a host of projects to improve habitat for your insect helpers. Specific solutions and strategies include creating native plant field borders, mass insectary plantings, hedgerows, cover crops, buffer strips, beetle banks, and brush piles. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for these projects and more are accompanied by stunning full-color photography. "This is an excellent book for any farmer or gardener that is looking for effective ways to reduce pest issues while being sensitive to the environment and the future health of the planet. There are examples for any scale of farming from large scale to community garden to your home. The information is easy to grasp but not simplistic. All examples are based on solid research. This is a book for anyone that cares about food, the environment and our health by reducing pesticide use. I cannot recommend this book enough. I have it in hard copy as well as the kindle version to be able to take out in the field with me." -- Edward M. Spevak PRICE: $24.95 WEIGHT: 1.7 lbs.

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