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What's Wrong With My ... BPL-1833

David Deardorff, 2009, 452 pp.


John Jeavons really likes this book with its straightforward diagnostic *system.* There's a step-by-step flowchart method for figuring out what's wrong. The method is brilliant and what's even better, it's explained well, in easy to understand language. The rest of the book is the typical encyclopedia of photos and descriptions. The photos are clear and the descriptions are in straightforward, plain English. Organic solutions are offered.

"This is a massive undertaking, covering virtually every problem a gardener might come across. Because it’s easy to use, well written, and well illustrated, What’s Wrong With My Plant?...is an important reference that will help gardeners successfully diagnose their own plant problems and make educated decisions about how to solve them." (American Gardener )

"Many gardeners find it hard to ask for help. The excellent (and sturdy) What's Wrong with My Plant? ... will be indispensable to them, and to the rest of us as well. The information is concise: “A borer’s hole and frass (poop) are obvious on this asparagus stem.” (Thank you very much.) The illustrations are clear, the remedies organic. I promise you, things will go wrong. Be prepared." (New York Times Book Review )


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