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NAME: Restoration Agriculture in Practice DVD
AUTHOR: Mark Shepard
DATE/ED: 2014
TIME: 2 hours, 15 minutes
SEC: Permaculture & Self-Sufficiency

DESC: This DVD is a valuable companion to the book Restoration Agriculture and visually summarizes Mark's methods. Please read our Restoration Agriculture book review, but basically Mark takes an unproductive corn field and tgurns it into a sustainable, economically viable, fully integrated forest and grazing farm.

Beyond that, if you want to know how permaculture, polyculture, forest gardens, silvaculture, agroforestry, eco-farming, guilds, biomes, keyline water management, and so on fit together, this DVD is for you. Everyone around here who has watched this video has really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Our super-intern from Argentina Alejo watched it three times, raved about its clarity, and ordered two copies, one for Argentina and one for the Versailles gardens in Paris where he currently works.

PRICE: $30.00
WEIGHT: 1 lb

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