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The Medicinal Herb Gr... BGE-1582



Richo Chech, 2009, 160 pp.


This book could be titled "How to Have a Green Thumb." By stories, vivid examples, and easily-understood guidelines, Richo teaches you how to grow perennial plants, trees, shrubs, and exotic annuals. Don't be fooled by the funky homemade drawings or the funny stories - this is a man who figured out how to grow endangered plants like goldenseal and bloodroot that were considered impossible to domesticate. He runs a successful nursery and seed company, and teaches workshops all over the country. Plants used as herbs occupy pretty much every niche in the plant kingdom, from tropical trees to cactus or arctic wildflowers. Rather than covering them all individually, he does better, he gives you understanding. The chapter on "why didn't my seeds come up?" alone is worth the price of the book. Others include making potting soil, creating plant habitat, rules of green thumb, creating diversity, growth cycles of plants, windows of opportunity, and seed production

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