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The Resilient Gardener

Carol Deppe, 2010, 384 pp.

Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times. This is a wonderful distillation of Carol's decades of experience in the garden, " Including The Five Crops You Need to Survive and Thrive -- Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash and Eggs." And much more! Carol presents gardening techniques that stand up to challenges ranging from health problems, financial problems, and special dietary needs to serious disasters and climate change. We love this book and are delighted to pass it on. Carol's writing is down-to-earth and intimate, practical and inspiring.

With good humor and a can-do attitude, Carol Deppe has spent the last couple of decades solving the problems other folks just worry about: What if the electricity stops ? What if I get sick or infirm? What if there is no water for gardening? Never mind climate change--what will that do to our gardening plans? And how far would most of us really get on the vegetables we grow without grains, proteins, and other staples? It's easy to grow greens and tomatoes, but what about the rest?

Carol has actually faced many of these issues, and planned around several more. She does in fact grow almost everything she eats, and yet she lives in the suburbs. She has researched what strategies people used when the last big climate shift hit Europe in the 14th century. She has used amazing ingenuity in learning to grow a complete diet for someone with gluten intolerance, using very little water. She concentrates on four key crops that are dependable in her area, easy to grow and process at home, and make delicious food year round. In her area, the Pacific Northwest, those crops are corn, squash, beans, and duck eggs. She grows many other things too. Her words on planning, seed saving, water use, choosing tools, gardening with a bad back, and using the harvest are different from what you'll hear elsewhere--but they have the ring of truth.


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Great book
on 11/03/12 by Hank

 This is a must have book for those serious about growing a garden for self-sufficency. While examples are based on the marine climate of western Oregon, the principles apply any where. This is about growing food to get you through hard times. The basic 5 of potatoes, corn, beans, winter squash, and ducks or chickens would keep you alive if the grocery stores were to close. Covers growing, preserving, eating, and seed saving to develop localized varieties.