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Alan Chadwick: Perfor... BGE-1303


Stephen J Crimini ed,2007, 341 pp.

A transcription of 16 lectures, most of them are from Carmel-in-the-Valley, Virginia, in September 1979. Realize that beyond the obvious title there is a wealth of gardening information in each chapter: Entree to Alan Chadwick's Garden: Intro to Biodynamic French Intensive Horticulture; The Cosmic, Four Seasons; Cosmic Forces; Fertilization; Propagation: Fertility: Cultivation: The Story of the Gazelle; Bees; Ritual and Fertivalia; The Grand Herbaceous Perennial Border; Classic Herb Garden: Relationship and Disrelationship; Frageria: The Strawberry; Angelica Archangelica: Roses.

Alan Chadwick both in print and in audio:

Alan Chadwick was a legendary master gardener who studied at the great horticultureal centers in England and France. Most particularly he was tutored by Rudolf Steiner as a child (biodynamics), and spent time in France studying their intensive method of agriculture. After World War II he decided that gardening was the best way to eliminate any future wars; as John Jeavons put it, "to grow world peace through all of us working individually (and together) with the life forces in the garden, its soil and plants, to become participants in life's wonderful, rhythmic, and quietly-alive Cosmic Dance." So he distilled everything he had learned into his Biodynamic French Intensive method of horticulture.

He did not stop war of course, but had a profound effect on sustainable organic agriculture. Our own biointensive and Grow Biointensive® methods borrowed heavily from Alan's methods. The Agroecology program at USSC started with him digging a barren hillside. Biodynamic gardeners who have studied under Alan or heard his lectures have gained additional insight into their own discipline.

There is a huge amount of horticultural knowledge in Charwick's lectures. You cannot just read through, or listen to this once, you could productively re-read these many times and still be learning something new.

Alan was a great actor as well as a master horticulturist. His inimical, idiosyncratic style of speaking was a powerful part of his teaching. Alan incorporates fables and myths and cultural wit and quirky language, as well as a broad range of horticultural information and techniques in these pages.

Note: There is much material here that is not covered by the other book on Alan Chadwick, Reverence, Obedience and the Invisible in the Garden .or the CD

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