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NAME: The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year, No Matter Where You Live AUTHOR: Niki Jabbor DATE/ED: 2011 PAGES: 256 SEC: Garden Methods & Techniques DESC: Make every month a vegetable gardening month with Niki Jabbour's proven techniques for year-round growing and harvesting. Begin by planting your vegetables during the seasons they prefer -- tomatoes and peppers need summer sun and heat; asparagus and radishes thrive in cooler weather; and kale, lettuce, and scallions tolerate frost and come alive under winter sunshine. Apply Niki's intensive gardening methods and some affordable and easy-to-assemble protective structures, and your vegetable garden will reward you with fresh, delicious produce even on short, cold winter days. With clear writing, good layout, and excellent pictures throughout, she makes all garden tools and structures clear and simple, and often easy to make (how about a straw-bale cold frame to protect tall winter crops?) Niki shows you how: from choosing a ground cover to building garden things yourself, such as cold-frames or hoop-houses. Lots of useful information and illustrations. The second half of the book discusses how and when to plant all the standard vegetables, along with Nikki's picks. Niki Jabbour is a food gardener and garden writer who lives near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her articles have appeared in Canadian Gardening, Garden Making, Gardens East, The Heirloom Gardener, and other publications. She is the host of The Weekend Gardener, a call-in radio show that airs throughout the Maritime provinces, and she blogs at Her garden boasts over 40 heirloom vegetables and herbs that keep her family eating fresh food year-round. Some particulars that I like: -easy to follow instructions for building cold frames, hoop houses, and cloches along with ground-cover instructions for warming up the soil before the last frost and for keeping your garden going past the usual growing season -a breakdown of each type of vegetable crop, including info on planting, growing, and harvesting, and a great 'planting calendar' graphic image that gives you a quick look at when you should be planting each type of vegetable. I also like the "niki's picks" - which are the authors recommendations for specific varieties of the veggies. Normally when I see this in books I just ignore it because I can never find the varieties they recommend, but with her book, I actually could find seeds for most of them. -lots of pictures. What is the point of a garden book without pictures? -schematics for potential gardening layouts, and what you would plant in them season-by-season -well-organized and easy to find the information you are looking for. I can see this being a nice quick-reference if I need to look something up about harvesting or growing one of my crops. - K PRICE: $19.95 WEIGHT: 2.06 lbs

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