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Salad Leaves for All ... BGE-1227


Charles Dowding, 2008, 234 ppDiverse Gardens and Gardeners, Far more than lettuce is covered in this gem of a book from a British gardener. The main message of this book is that tasty fresh greens can be enjoyed year-round with careful planting and harvesting..often by cutting from the same plant over and over with the appropriate timing. Growing in small spaces, under cover, and with an eye to the calendar are all techniques that are carefully explained. The author introduces us to the whole range of greens that can be grown for salads and also for stir-fries and so on. Includes beautiful and inspiring photographs. “Salad leaves are one of the quickest and easiest vegetables you can grow. More than that, plants that are well looked after will provide long successions of harvests, without having to repeatedly sow or plant again. How to continually crop the same plants and give them a surprisingly long life – main theme of this book – is explained in Part One. New leaves just keep appearing – it is almost magical. Another key theme… is growing in small spaces and containers, which can be impressively productive… Appreciating this calendar of salad seasons, explained in Part Two, will help towards more success in growing healthy plants. In Part hree I offer a tour of the great range of salad possibilities, and all necessary information on how to obtain the best from them. Lastly, in Part Four there is an explanation of how to use covered spaces to extend the season of growth and to ensure a steady supply of leaves for much of the winter, as well as earlier outdoor harvests in the spring.” – from the Introduction APPROX WEIGHT: 1.03 lbs.

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