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Complete Guide to Companion Planting: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Garden Successful Dale Mayer, 2015, 288 pp. We have just received copies of the second edition of The Complete Guide to Companion Planting: Everything you need to know to make your garden successful. They have updated some, but the big change is a color picture section, and a reduced price. Notes on Second Edition: I find this the best book in print on companions. This book is organized like an encyclopedia, so you can look up rosemary under herbs, pumpkin under vegetables, marigolds under "Annuals for your Garden", Peony under "Companion Perennials", dandelion under "Wildflowers and Weeds", Daffodils under "Bulbs, Tubers, and Rhizomes", Lilac or Yucca under "Shrubs, Bushes and Vines", or grapes under "Companion Fruits". It is fairly easy to locate the basic one-on-one relationships. The scope and organization of the chapters extend the awareness of companions way beyond veggies and herbs, as it should be. All living things have inter-relationships that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Original description still compelling: Just like humans, some plants like each other and others don't, and this can have a significant effect on how well they grow. The science/art of this is companion planting. Companion planting is an essential element of biointensive gardening, biodynamic gardening, and permaculture, but few books have been written that are seriously comprehensive, and this one is the best one yet. I like that it covers a lot of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, bulbs, shrubs, bugs, etc. Dale includes a lot of new research - she cites companions/enemies that I was not aware of. I wish she was clearer at times about what is an ally and what is a companion. Half the book is devoted to how to garden with companions, much of which is not needed for an experienced gardener, but the other half is the best listing of companions yet written.

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