Bfo 1805 straw+bale
Bfo 1805 straw+bale
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Straw Bale Gardens Co... BFO-1805


Name: Straw Bale Gardens Complete
Author: Joel Karsten
Date: 2015
Pages: 176
Description: This is about the sixth book on straw bale construction by Karsden. He does a good job of teaching you how to create a straw bale bed, with lots of how-to pics and illustrations to make implementation easy. Could not find anything left out. He does a lot of little things good like how to store extra seed, how scrounged seed trays can make good early season cover, a cheap strong tomato cage you can make, and simple solutions for bale problems. We have avoided straw bale books because of their un-organic-ness - for example they usually suggest seeding the bale with commercial lawn fertilizer (including this one)! Two additions to this latest book on straw bale changed my mind. First, this book will still tell you how to garden with bales un-organically (please don't), but they also support organic as well - there is now a whole chapter describing how to condition and grow in bales organically. The application tables for conditioning the bale now also include organic recommendations. The second break-through that got us to carry this book was his simple home-made tool to make your own bales - really just a large lever to compress most anything organic into bales. So before composting you first take your organic material, compress it into a bale, and grow a crop on it - then put it on the compost pile if it isn't already great compost. He shows how to make your own bales out of pretty much anything soft and organic; 'Now bales can then be made form leftover old bales or from other sources of compostable organic material - nearly anything that's easily accessible… Fill the bin with organic matter, such as old straw, weeds pulled from your garden. Kitchen scraps (compostable only, no meat , no dairy), your dead flowers from Valentine's day, small tree branches pruned over winter, grass clippings, leaves you raked and collected last fall - literally anything that you find, with few exceptions, will work well, and mixing different things together really works best." He even admits that these homemade bales grow better, " I am a bit hesitant to say it, but in many cases, I have gotten even better results from the homemade bales than from traditional straw bales." This is like growing an extra crop on your compost pile. After one or two seasons, "they are just really broken down into beautiful soil."… "Gardener's "black gold" is exactly what remains after the harvest is complete. The Valuable compost left behind has many uses and can solve problems anywhere in our year or garden." Weight: 1.25 lb
Price: $24.99

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