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Sustainable Homebrewing: An all organic approach to crafting great beer Amelia Slayton Loftus, 2014, 357 pp. An awesome brewing book, truly useful for both beginners and pros. I would have loved this book as a beginning brewer - it has everything you need to know, put in a gentle, clear voice that suggests best practices, along with where you can be quick and easy. She always gives good reasons for the usual brewing steps, and what to expect if you do not. For example, she does cover how to make beer basically from a can, but suggests modest incremental steps that greatly improve a brew. This book is really about becoming an accomplished home brewer, and how to best do that sustainably (an outstanding bonus). Her voice is as a brewer who makes best use of a very wide array of ingredients, with very little waste. Incredibly comprehensive - it really is an enclycopedia of brewing in only 350 pages! And so economical/sustainable! For example: Spent Grain Rustic Rye Bread and how to best make use of a bad batch of beer. I particularly like her coverage of herbs in brewing - something that really interests me for both taste and health reasons. Many books give you a little information and are mostly recipes - this book is only 20% recipes - and those recipes cover an amazing range from "Born in the IPA" to "Roasted Parsnip and Fennel Brown Ale with Licorice and Ginger". Many useful appendices The book is divided into three sections: A The allure and art of homebrewing Looking at essential equipment and supplies
Finding organic brewing ingredients
The basics of brewing good beer
Kicking it up: brewing from scratch
B Sustainable Brewing in the Kitchen and Garden The homebrewer's kitchen
The homebrewer's garden
C Brewing Organic Beer Easier recipes for beginning brewers
Advanced all-grain recipes
Creating your own organic beer recipes
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