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How to Store Your Gar... BFO-1768
Piers Warren, rev 2008, 143 pp.Food Storage and Processing,Begins with general directions for a dozen methods of storage, then gives detailed information on how to store over 60 fruits and vegetables, often including delightful recipes, like pea pod wine. The author says, "When keeping fresh food for any length of time you have four main enemies: enzymes, bacteria, yeasts and fungi…(while) there are some methods that may render food safe to eat for many years, your aim should be to store food only until the next season's fresh produce is available…this ensures that you are eating the highest quality stored food at all times." For example, directions on how to freeze or dry peas, but then a recipe for pea pod wine! “I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of self-sufficiency, and have always hated waste, so as a keen vegetable grower it was only natural that I explored the overlooked art of storage. To some extent it is a lost art ." I LOVE this book!! It is the perfect sized reference book, not to lengthy, but complete in my opinion. The book itself is also a good hand held size which makes it easy to keep tucked close. It's so simple to use, alphabetically I can search for just what I'm looking for, say celery (yes, it can be preserved!), or for how long something, say bell peppers, should be blanched prior to freezing. Just what I need to know without added fluff/filler. This was just what I NEEDED!! -- M. Buehl "Informed Mama" APPROX WEIGHT:.66 lbs.

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