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NAME: Eat Your Greens: The Surprising Power of Homegrown Leaf Crops AUTHOR: David Kennedy DATE/ED: 2014 TIME: 288 pp SEC: Food DESC: With more nutrients per calorie and square foot of growing space than any other food, leaf crops can be an invaluable addition to every yard or garden. As hardy as they are versatile, these beautiful, tasty vegetables range from the familiar to the exotic. Cover crops as tasty nutritious greens! Some part of this largely untapped food resource can thrive in almost any situation. Kennedy also provides a method of concentrating any excess leafy greens into a highly nutritious powder that can be stored. Eat Your Greens provides complete instructions for incorporating these nutritional powerhouses into any kitchen garden. This innovative guide: o Shows how familiar garden plants such as sweet potato, okra, beans, peas and pumpkins can be grown to provide both nourishing leaves and other calorie- and protein-rich foods
o Introduces a variety of non-traditional alternatives readily adapted to local growing conditions, such as chaya, moringa, toon and wolfberry
o Explains how to improve your soil while getting plenty of vegetables by growing edible cover crops.
"With wit and reason, Kennedy makes a compelling case - based on sound nutritional and sustainability grounds - to start producing and eating more greens. Delicious, leafy green vegetables grown at home can effectively fill voids left by the industrial food system as well as the local food movement by making fresh, highly nutritious foods readily available from small garden spaces and at low costs throughout much of the year. Kennedy's new book is a practical instructional manual on how to grow and prepare leafy edible plants, many of which are unavailable at grocery stores and farmers markets, overlooked by gardeners and rarely considered in the kitchen. It offers a simple, grassroots solution to help counter the immense public-health burden that has arisen from our high-calorie, nutrient-poor diet. Reading this book could change lives, communities and society for the better." ---Sean Clark, Professor and Farm Director, Berea College "WOW everything I didn't know about growing and incorporating leafy greens in our lives. I was shocked at the nutritional value of greens, specially the protein of dried leaf concentrate. This book goes from the cellular level of plants along to some nice recipes. Thorough explanations and alternatives and data. All questions were answered including how to hide greens in foods for picky eaters and grow year round in colder climates. Big garden changer for me." - Amazon Customer "Our work is with the poorest of the poor in developing countries and David's training resources have made the greatest impact on what we do but at the same time I have painfully watched the effects of nutritional poverty in the west for years. Everything that I wished could be said to my western friends is in this new book. There is now no excuse to be destined to a life of mediocre health. It may be hard to believe but a couple of small four by eight foot kitchen gardens, that take minutes a day to maintain can turn the tide of deteriorating old age for so many reasons. Read the book more than once." --Dale Bolton, Founder and Director of PRICE: $29.95 WEIGHT: 1.28 lb
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