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Acorns and Eat 'Em BFO-1720



Suellen Ocean, 1993, 86 pp.

Food Storage and Processing,

Suellen Ocean, who worked in our shipping room a few years ago, has long been an admirer and eater of acorns...also she is an excellent vegetarian cook.

Acorns were the major food staple of the original residents of our land here, the Pomo, and we have even found their grinding tools left behind alongside our creek. Includes information about oak trees and acorns, how to harvest and prepare them in the kitchen. She also provides 34 original delicious recipes that include such tasty treats as acorn pancakes and peanut butter acorn cookies, yum!

Suellen wrote this book in part to show that preparing and cooking acorns is not hard, and tastes great.

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