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We have avoided offering "wide-range" pesticides because they usually hurt your beneficials and your garden's ecology as much as the infestations. Some pesticides like pyrethrum have to be very carefully applied not to damage your beneficials, and even then there is risk. With extensive research we have found that neem can be used in your garden without harming it, when properly applied (under almost all circumstances) .

Neem oil affects insects in many different, ingenious and subtle ways. It stops insects from eating the plants. It works from inside the plant. Neem oil suffocates insects, but is non-toxic for beneficial insects. Neem oil is not harmful to your garden's ecology (or the world's ecology) if it is at all properly applied. That said, it can be misused to hurt your garden. For example, it is so powerful it can be "overdosed" and too much of it in your soil can be detrimental.

This information sheet outlines the benefits and (minor) risks of neem, and how to properly apply it in your garden. 4 pages.

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