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The Backyard Guide To Higher Yields and Healthy Soil

John Jeavons & Carol Cox, revised 1999, 118 pp.

SECTION: Ecology Action GROW BIOINTENSIVE(R) Publications,

This is a simpler, more basic version of How to Grow More Vegetables, based on a simple garden plan. Formerly titled Lazy Bed Gardening, this book has been revised to include the latest information on GROW BIOINTENSIVE techniques. Includes a new chapter on seed saving. Especially suitable for teachers planning a school garden, or for anyone who prefers a shorter simpler introduction to GROW BIOINTENSIVE. “A lazy bed is a deeply prepared bed (2’ deep) whose growing area can produce up to four times more than an equivalent area prepared less deeply and planted in rows. So the gardener has only one bed to dig, one bed to fertilize, one bed to water, one bed to weed - only one-quarter the area it would take to produce the same amount of yield by other methods.” This book combines our experiences from How to Grow More Vegetables... and Booklets #14 and #26 into a new understanding of how to grow all your own food in the backyard, while also caring for the health of your soil and the planet. The emphasis is on food gardening and improving the soil through crop selection. New gardeners can now benefit from direct garden research in over 130 countries - this method has been tried everywhere, on every type of soil, in all climates, and it works for epicurean gardeners as well as third world farmers. It gives specific recommendations on the best crops for beginning gardeners, and how much to grow for a family’s needs.

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My thesis