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Growing Medicinal Herbs in as Little as Fifty Square Feet - Uses and Recipes

Louisa Lenz-Porter, Booklet 27, 1995, 40 pp.

Ecology Action Research Booklet 27

How to grow most of one person’s medicinal herbs in as little as 50 square feet. Louisa is a revered former garden manager at Ecology Action, and now has a self-sufficient farm and teaches GrowBiointensive and basket making in Sourthern Oregon. Grow most of your medicinal herbs in as little as 50 square feet. An herbal "medicine cabinet." of 24 common, easily grown herbs is described for propagation, harvest, processing and use. Instructions, recipes, and bibliography take an easy approach to an enjoyable activity. Sample 50-sq-foot bed with ideas for personal modifications. Beautiful illustrations by Sue Ellen Parkinson.


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