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Weeds and What They Tell BCO-1200


Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, 1970, 96 pp. Compost and Soil Fertility, The presence of certain weeds can tell the gardener what the soil is like where they grow. This little book goes through each weed family and describes the type and condition of soil that they grow on. and also includes many uses of weeds, both medicinal and agricultural. An introduction to a topic covered more fully in Test Your Soil with Plants. Pfeiffer was one of the founders of the biodynamic method of farming, an associate of Rudolf Steiner, and a masterful agricultural researcher. This book demonstrates his great knowledge of plants and their growth habits. In this book he identifies many uses of weeds. In perhaps a third of it he describes the favored soil type and condition of each weed, thus reading the condition of the soil from the presence of weeds. A third of the book is a very interesting weed herbal. Perhaps the final third is a wonderful essay on gardening by a master. APPROX WEIGHT: .25 lbs.

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