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Mary Appelhof, 1987 (2nd ed.), 162 pp.

Compost and Soil Fertility,

Worms Eat My Garbage All the worm growers we know recommend this book as the simplest and most complete on raising worms and making compost at the same time. Mary has the National Recycling Coalition's Lifetime Achievement Award. We always like a small inexpensive book that has taught over 100,000 people how to grow worms.

Chapters on: care and feeding of worms; what, where, and how to make a worm bin; Proper worm beddings; what type and how many worms; what sort of garbage and what to do with it; plant benefits of worm castings; and so much more.

Worms eat kitchen waste and produce compost and worm castings (worm eggs). Worm castings are incredibly beneficial to your garden soil, as well as hatching more useful worms. Worms recycle kitchen waste (thus turning waste into a valuable resource), save you money and energy (reduce ocst of disposal), and produce great fertilizer. She also covers growing fishing worms. .

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